A Love Letter To TLC Rescue

Dear TLC Rescue Team,

In honor of my 5th adoptaversay, and my honorary 6th birthday, I thought I should check in and let you know what’s been happening since I left your wonderful care after being rescued from the streets in Union City, NJ.

In a nutshell, I have been living the good life with my mom, Sherry, and my little brother, Beau. 

A lot has happened to me over the years, with some tough moments along the way. Mom says I had a little feral streak still in me, and would lash out and attack her in the beginning. Undaunted, she was determined to make me feel safe and secure and train me not to attack. 

With lots of patience, gentle training and key words like “no bite” and “no swipe,” I have learned to quit attacking if I get nervous or overstimulated. Mom has also learned to read my feline signals when “enough is enough.”

Today, I love to be picked up and carried around the house. Mom and I look out the window together with me comfy in her arms. I like to sit by her and she is confident that I won’t attack “just because”.

She says I am a completely transformed cat!

And believe it or not, I have a job! I’m a working cat! 

Here’s how it started:

Shortly after adoption, I became itchy and scratchy and was licking myself bald in spots. Mom was very upset and consulted with two vets but nothing worked to stop me. The solutions always involved drugs and chemicals, which she was resisting using. She knew there had to be another way!

After a lot of research and making the decision to switch to the raw food diet, which is 90%+ whole animal protein bought either frozen or freeze-dried, I stopped “overgrooming” and my fur grew back thicker, softer and shiny!

It’s been 4 ½ years and I haven’t had any allergies since.

You’ll be happy to know that I lost some of that tubbiness as I grew into my adulthood and the raw diet helped me go from 16 lbs to my current weight of 13.5 lbs! I am very svelte now for a big-boned cat!

And not to get too personal or anything, but there is 50% less poop and drum roll please – NO odor!!! Mom could not be happier!

Through this experience I became a “carnivore diet” feline advocate, promoting the benefits of biologically appropriate raw food or BARF diet, after recovering from my food allergy to commercially processed canned food and kibble. 

I am a living, purring, head-butting example of a healthy cat living its most authentic, nutritious life!

And did you know that I am a published author? OK maybe co-author with mom is more exact but I am the face and the voice of the blog, Best Life Pets, which we launched three years ago. 

Because of my experience, mom and I wanted to share with other pet parents what had worked for us in correcting a very common allergy issue for both felines and canines, starting with the diet.

Also, it’s the perfect diet for a long and sustainable lifestyle, regardless of allergies.

Through the blog, we are also very committed to cat rescue, health and wellness and safety issues. Mom says you guys inspired her always with your “boots on the ground” dedication to TNR and getting the friendlies adopted!

Cat Rescue is one of our best-read columns!

And speaking of that, I have to thank you for alerting mom 2 ½ years ago that there was a very special, grey kitten with a great personality that had just come into the shelter who would make a wonderful addition to our family! Mom immediately named him Beau, which is french for handsome!

While I wasn’t too happy at first since I had been the only cat in the house up to then, mom knew that deep down I was lonely and bored.

And two cats is better than one cat, generally speaking!

After plenty of hissing and some rumbling and tumbling to show who’s “top cat”, I can say that we are best buddies! He’s my little bro!

Beau is an adult cat who is eternally a kitten in spirit. Always on the prowl for prey and mischief, he keeps mom and me on our toes! I have to admit that he keeps me young with his antics and entertained as well!

Mom on the other hand has to continuously be on the look-out for what our “juvenile delinquent” could get into and maybe hurt himself! She says we kitties are like toddlers, so she has to think ahead to save us from ourselves! Meow!

Last but not least, I am very excited that through our online shop, Meow Mini Mart, we have been able to donate money to help you pay some of the feral spay/neuter vet services. Mom says this is our way of saying thank you for all you guys do to help our most vulnerable cats. 

And especially since it all started with you matching me up with mom 5 years ago! It changed my life and I am so glad you did!

Love and purrs,