A Unique Japanese Method to Find a Lost Cat

The other night mom was reading a post on our local Next Door Weehawken community blog, and saw again (!) another post about a lost kitten. Mom says that every week there is at least one or more postings about someone’s lost animal in the neighborhood. 

She knows firsthand the pain and anguish of having a lost cat. Many decades ago one of her cats went missing and thankfully mom did find her cat a couple days later – mainly because it was scared and hung around the house outside hiding – which, by the way, is the first point to remember if your cat is an indoor only pet! They rarely stray far for the first few days, so it is important to act fast!

Pet Loss Starts With Prevention

We have spoken about Pet Loss Prevention in the past because ensuring that your pet never gets lost starts with prevention! We listed the basics of prevention as a lifestyle choice…all very doable!

But what if your pet gets lost? We highlighted a Washington State based rescue group who published the most comprehensive checklist of what to do if your pet gets lost. Every pet parent should download the list and keep it handy in case the worst were to happen.

Now we want to highlight another list of what to do if your cat or dog goes missing! Someone replied back to that NextDoor post about the lost kitten and mentioned that the Japanese have a very unusual method of locating lost pets.

The Japanese Method to Finding Your Lost Pet

Here is the link to the entire article because it is rather unbelievable and you need to read the article first hand. However here are the basics of this method – it is actually quite simple.

If your cat gets lost – go out and talk to the neighborhood cats – and tell them “if you see my cat, can you please tell it to come home”. If you live in a city, go to the local deli and try speaking to their resident mouser…as crazy as this might sound, when you are desperate to find your pet, you will do anything to get it back, so why not try this approach, too!

According to this article, one pet parent @Charlie0819 posted on Twitter that he tried this technique and his cat returned the next day! Ok…maybe a coincidence…?

What was amazing, however, was the amount of responses from other pet parents who had used the same technique and their pet returned home, too! Read the article and get your mind blown!

Why The Japanese Method Works

Mom’s friend, Katie, who posted originally about this Japanese technique said, “The cats are reading the electrical signal of the person, the strong emotional bond between owner and pet creates a strong signal-image so the stray cats zoom in on it and are able to find a lost cat and convey the message to go home”. 

She went on to say that 20% of humans world-wide have the SPS trait (Sensory Processing Sensitivity Trait) as well as 100 species of animals.

She mentioned Dr. Elaine Aron as being the pioneer in the study of heightened sensitivity in adults and children.

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