April Is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

As I’m sure you all are aware, mom is always on the alert for any individuals and/or companies that are really making a difference in the area of preemptive pet wellness. 

In honor of Pet First Aid Awareness Month, we want to highlight an organization that mom met two years ago at the Garden State Cat Expo in Edison, NJ.

First Aid and CPR, LLC

First Aid and CPR, LLC is an off-site training and certification company that offers various courses in First Aid, CPR and AED for professionals whom are in emergency services as well as whom are teachers, security guards, babysitters, nannies, etc., in addition to private citizens.

All of the instructors have emergency service backgrounds and have been trained and certified to teach all of the courses that they offer. They bring “real life” training and experience to each class. They are also instructors with the NJ Poison Control Center for First Responders in the emergency service field.

Training and certification ranges from specialized courses for professionals to basic first aid, pediatric first aid and a special course in first aid and CPR for pets!


Who is this for and what do you learn?

Whether you are a pet parent who just wants to know what to do in case of an emergency, or you are an animal rescuer, trapper, colony caretaker, or a shelter team member – this course is for you!

You will learn how to perform first-aid on your cat or dog including the training for CPR and rescue breathing, clearing an obstructed airway, pulse-checking, bandaging and splinting and how to move your pet safely to the vet.

You will learn how to muzzle or hold your pet safely, treat burns,  poisonings and much more. In addition they will give you information on what to stock in a first aid kit and how to prepare in case you need to evacuate with your pet(s).

Where is the course?

The best part is that the instructors will come to you and hold the class in your residence, school, store, library, wherever…as long as you can gather a group of 5 or more individuals to take the class. That is the only requirement to schedule a class in first aid and CPR training for pets.

So gather your family, friends, neighbors, book club, knitting circle, softball team, fellow PTO members, etc. and book your own training session in Pet First Aid and CPR!

How long and how much is the course?

This course is a two-year certification course and runs about 2-3 hours. The cost is $60 per person which is a small price to pay when you consider what your will learn and how you can treat your pet in case of an emergency.

To learn more you can check out their website, email them at info@FirstAid.org or give them a call at 1-888-242-4259. Ask for Steve!

They operate in New Jersey, parts of eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. If you are in another part of the country, you can check in with them for a referral to another group closer to where you are located.

They will also have a booth at the upcoming Garden State Cat Expo and Show in Edison, NJ on July 20 & 21.

Check them out and get educated about pet first aid!

This recommendation is based strictly on our personal opinions as to the company’s program and at no time do we receive any financial compensation for this recommendation.

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