I Am Into Being In…Inside That Is!

Mom says that we are going through some very difficult times and right now everyone needs to stay home to stay safe!

I admit it’s a bit of a change having her around here 24/7. Even though she works a lot from home, she still would go out shopping or socializing with her friends. Which gave me and Beau a lot of time to rumble and tumble without her trying to break us up! We don’t mind when a little fur flies around here!

But now all of our cat events, pet expos and art and music festivals are cancelled or postponed until further notice so therefore mom is around all the time! What’s a cat to do!?

Like all good citizens, she is following the STAY HOME mandate, and keeping busy with our Meow Mini Mart online shop and purging some long-stored cartons of photos and stuff. Beau and I love to help her – and filing is our specialty.

But let’s get back to this idea of having to stay inside! 

As our readers know, mom is big on a few general principles of holistic and sustainable living for cats.

First is the raw food diet. By the way this week April 1-7 is National Raw Pet Food Week and if you haven’t tried the raw food diet yet with your pet, this is a great week to start! And check out our previous blogs in Food and Nutrition to learn how easy it is to serve us kitties fresh raw food!

Second (and the focus of this post) is that INDOOR ONLY is the only good life for a house cat. That’s right, no “indoor/outdoor” business for us cats if you want us to stay healthy and live a long life!

I think it is very interesting that all you humans are now heeding governmental orders to stay inside to stay safe! Good for you! But I want those of you that still think us cats NEED to go outside, to please get with the program and do not let your house cats free-roam outside ever! We do not need to go outside anymore than you do right now!

For all the same reasons that you are being told that it is dangerous for your health and the health of others to go outside, the outside is a very dangerous place for your cats.

Frankly when I look at the list – it freaks me out! 

I am so happy to be an indoor only kitty and grateful that mom does provide us with climbing opportunities, multiple toys, plenty of cozy napping spots, a few time-out corners, multiple litter boxes and lots of windows to view the outside! I am in to being in!

Meanwhile Beau and I are actually very happy to have mom home 24/7 so we all can stay safe and healthy together!

Hoping that all of you stay safe and healthy during this time!  At least it gives us felines a lot of cuddle-time together with you – and who doesn’t love that! Meow-za!

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