Introducing Pro Trainings & The Pro Pet Hero Online First-Aid and CPR Certification Course

Mom spent many years in the fashion industry where education and writing had always been a big part of her career and this blog has been the opportunity to switch the focus from apparel to pets – specifically cats!

She says life is about learning and is always wanting to get educated and grow in her knowledge of feline behavior and how we can share what we learn with you.

Recently, we heard of the company Pro Trainings and their Pro Pet Hero Online Pet First Aid and CPR Certification. The course is specifically designed for pet parents who consider their pets part of the family, as well as pet professionals such as pet sitters, pet groomers, pet store owners, pet trainers and dog walkers.

People who take the course will receive valuable information and knowledge on how to recognize emergencies, provide first-aid care and be an advocate for their pets. 

The course is taught by Dr. Bobbi Conner, a specialist in small animal emergency and critical care. She is a board-certified ER and critical care veterinarian who is also a professor of veterinarian emergency medicine.

She specializes in the topic and is the most accredited person to teach both from a medical and educational standpoint. It is the only course written, developed and presented online by such an accredited veterinarian. She teaches in a clear easy-to-understand manner that is not technical and adapts to any person that shares their life with a pet.

Mom learned of this wonderful educational program through colleagues in the pet industry and heard they were looking to partner with retailers and bloggers to spread the word about their new online first-aid and CPR certification. Previously, they would present their courses in person and on-site in pet shops around the country.

As many of you have heard before, when we recommend a product or service, mom only does so as a passionate pet parent and the blog does not receive any compensation for those recommendations. 

The strengths of this course made her reconsider that position because this information and training is so important for all of our readers and their pets.  And how would they know about it, if we didn’t partner with Pro Trainings and promote the importance of this training both here on the blog – and on our online shop Meow Mini Mart.

And since education has always been near and dear to her heart – she still sits on the Advisory Board of LIM College in New York City, she felt it would be a natural move to launch this new educational online first-aid course for all our pet owners and pet professionals.

Here are some details about the course:

  • Access to required training videos – for 2 years from purchase date

  • Access to test for 2 years from purchase date

  • Digital certificate valid for 2 years after passing the test

  • Pro Pet Hero badges show-carding certification (after passing test)

  • New Kitten Checklist

  • New Puppy checklist

  • Pet Disaster Preparedness Checklist

  • Pet First Aid Kit Checklist

  • Pet First Aid Student Manuel

Course length: 1 hour and 39 minutes of video training as well as knowledge reviews, final test, remedial help and reviewing downloaded material.

You can stop and start whenever you choose, the program remembers where you left off.

Course and Certification Cost – normally $49.95, however we have negotiated a reduced price of $44.96 using the discount code: CPR-saveapet! Just enter it at the time of checkout.

Here’s the link to sign up!

We are a member of ProTrainings Affiliate Program & will receive a small commission if you make a purchase through one of our links to the program.

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