Veterinary Emergency Group Revolutionizes Emergency and Urgent Care

A few months ago, mom noticed that a new veterinary office was opening in Hoboken, NJ less than a mile away from us.  And this past weekend she had a chance to meet the Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) at the Super Pet Expo in Edison, NJ

In a nutshell, they specialize in emergency and urgent care when your regular vet is closed including nights, weekends and holidays. These are the only times they are open. They consider themselves an extension of your primary care vet in the case of an emergency. 

Wow! How amazing when you consider mom had to drive 45 minutes to a 24-hour vet when I was having multiple vomiting episodes a few years ago.

Mom says that was the worst drive of her life! It wasn’t so great for me either! And we had to wait 20 minutes while mom filled out the paperwork.

Started by Dr. David Bessler, a well-established veterinarian with an illustrious career, who purchased his first hospital in 2014. From the beginning, his plan was to revolutionize the emergency veterinary experience by focusing his practice only on emergencies and being there when we need them most.

They offer a complete range of emergency services including “in-house diagnostics, surgery, rapid response times, and a highly focused emergency only staff”.

Their veterinary services take a different, more modern approach when it comes to the actual process of helping your pet urgently too.

Here are a few ways the VEG has revolutionized the emergency vet experience:

  • When you call them because you need help in determining if your pet is having a medical emergency, every question is answered by a veterinarian on the spot.

  • When you arrive, you will see the vet right away. Any and all paperwork will be done later after the vet has seen your pet. No waiting in the lobby filling out documents first.

  • You can stay with your pet for the entire visit including sleeping on the floor next to your pet’s accommodations. Seriously! Maybe they provide an air mattress or a cot?

  • You can feed your pets and administer the meds if you prefer too.

Today there are 12 VEG locations in the US with six in New York, three in New Jersey, one in Massachusetts and two in Florida. 

Mom says this is a brilliant idea and how lucky we are that we live so close to this wonderful vet group in case we need them!

Because it is such a great idea, we are sure there will be more of them opening around the country. Perhaps VEG will become a national group, or other independent veterinarians will decide to offer similar  “emergency only” services.

After all, mom says we are in the “age of specialization” and VEG is an excellent example of focusing on something very much needed, and becoming the best at it!

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