All About Our Online Shop: Meow Mini Mart

As I watch mom prep for the Meow Mini Mart pop-up shop at the Biker Cat Club of Long Island show this weekend, it makes me think back to how we got here and why.

While some of you know the connection between Best Life Pets and Meow Mini Mart, some of you may not. Since it has been almost a year since we launched at our first event this past spring, I thought it was time to formally introduce the newest addition to our family!

When mom and I launched this blog 2 years ago we wanted to share what mom had learned about a fresh food diet and a proactive wellness lifestyle for cats and dogs. Shortly after I was adopted, I was diagnosed with a food allergy. Mom went down the research rabbit hole and concluded that a raw diet was the way to cure it from the “inside out”. Within 30 days, I stopped licking myself bald and the food allergy cleared up.

That discovery and the solutions to many other issues prompted us to start this blog and share what we learned so hopefully it could help other pet owners who were having the same issues.

Along the way mom started volunteering for our local cat rescue group, TLC Rescue, and became deeply moved by their commitment to TNR/TNA and the welfare of our local community cats. She began to realize that she wanted to focus on ways to help cats and those who selflessly volunteer time and money to helping those less fortunate felines.

In the meantime, Mom stepped off the fashion industry grid after a multi-decade career and considered what she would do next. She wanted to find a platform where she could be creative, use her buying and merchandising skills, raise money to donate to cat rescue – and have some fun doing it.

Hence the launch of the Meow Mini Mart cat-themed online boutique!

What does Meow Mini Mart offer?

Following the same headset as this blog, the shop is committed to the concept of “organic and sustainably made” and offers a curated selection of fashion accessories, home décor and kitchen gifts, supplements, grooming aids and catnip for cats and cat enthusiasts.

We have to admit that we are a bit partial to our exclusive collection - Best Life Pets - which are the fashion collars and pet beds handcrafted in alpaca wool dyed in organic, vintage colors. Mom designs the collection just for us and has everything handcrafted in Peru by a small, womens knitting cooperative who help support their very poor village high in the Andes Mountains.  Beau and I are the Meowdels – and love “wear-testing” everything and having our picture taken!

How does Meow Mini Mart give back?

Giving back is a big part of mom’s plan with the boutique. We use our factory with a big heart knowing that our orders go towards helping the women at the factory realize their goals – it’s women (and cats!) helping women…likewise many of our other collections have their own charitable component that support various causes including homeless programs, the arts, and education grants for lower income children.

And, to help our local community cats, Meow Mini Mart is donating a percentage of every sale to cat rescue each year – and I am happy to report that we were able to sponsor 6 spay/neuter vet packages for TLC Rescue in December 2018. It’s a start and we look forward to building on those numbers going forward! We are already collecting vet packages for 2019!

The boutique is a great destination to find things that are unique and special for your cat, yourself and your fellow cat-loving family and friends – and you know that you are contributing to cat rescue each time you shop with us!

Check us out online and be sure to click on events to see when our pop-up shop will be near you!