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Black Cat Initiative

Why are black cats singled out to be called bad luck? Why is any one color of an animal considered evil?

When we decided to adopt a rescue cat, we specifically asked for a black cat, knowing that because of superstitions within certain cultures, black cats are often the last cat to be adopted at the shelters. Since then our blog posts each month on Instagram a Black Cat Fact to inform our readers all the ways black cats are good luck around the world.

We want to be part of the dialogue to change people's minds about black cats. Let's join together and change the narrative about black cats being bad luck – because they are good luck!

In honor of our black cat initiative, we search the marketplace for unique "black cat" gift items that we love and we think our customers will too...treat yourself or a friend if you love black cats!

We particularly love the black cat doll! Perfect for Halloween or any day of the year! Let it have a place of honor on your bed or desk! 

Check out the new collection of Kitchen items...Purr-fect with any kitchen decor!

In addition, we are featuring one of our favorite jewelers, Love Pendants.

We love their black cat necklaces made in sterling silver and faceted Swarovski crystal charms with engraved treasured cat images.

Each of their pieces is handmade and Swarovski exclusively cuts the crystal that is designed by Love Pendants.

The engravings are filled with black enamel and baked and then it is sealed and made water resistant. The workmanship is guaranteed for life by Love Pendants. 

When you wear one of these necklaces, or show-off one of our other black cat featured items in your home, it tells everyone that you love black cats and it will give you the chance to ask the question, "Did you know black cats are good luck?"

Spread the word!!



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